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Virtual Reality (VR) 

Virtual Reality (VR) is being actively studied by many disciplines in the human health arena and has been shown to improve memory and concentration. The Virtual Reality meditation at OWM is an immersive experience that helps a person get to a place of peace and beauty with much greater ease. 

Krokos, E., Plaisant, C. & Varshney, A. Virtual memory palaces: immersion aids recall. Virtual Reality 23, 1–15 (2019).

Additional Health Benefits of VR:
Tetris Blocks
VR Tetris 
Playing Tetris has been connected with reduction of cravings and addiction.

Brain imaging shows playing Tetris leads to a thicker cortex and may also increase brain efficiency. These areas are associated with critical thinking, reasoning, and language and processing.
VR Coloring
VR Coloring  
Coloring has many health benefits that include reduction of anxiety, improvement of focus and creativity.