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Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy services offered in Buffalo, NY

Low Level Laser Therapy was innovated by Russian scientists as a safe and effective healing strategy. Our bodies have evolved through the millennia to use the sun’s light energy to heal and thrive. Our energy-producing organelles, the mitochondria have plant-like chromophores that are directly activated by various light frequencies to make energy.

The implication of this physiology is far-reaching. OWM’s new powerful low-level laser delivery system by Weber Laser allows for direct delivery of various laser colors through a vein catheter, generating both a strong healing response and an activation of infused nutrients, and anti-inflammatory and antipathogenic molecules.




Different light frequencies perform essential functions that optimize our health.


Stimulates circulation, inactivates chronic infections


Improves microcirculation

Stimulates repair and restoration of function in injured tissue

Reduces chronic inflammation


Strong anti-inflammatory benefits

Acute pain reduction

Wound healing

Increased circulation and oxygen delivery



Reduces swelling and inflammation related pain



The Benefits of Low Level Laser Infusions

  1. Systemic activation of stem cells and growth factors implicated in general repair and health.
  2. Systemic inflammation reduction.
  3. Improvement of oxygen delivery to the brain, organs, and muscles through increased nitric oxide production.
  4. Increased oxidative stress to both improve healthy cell’s resilience and weaken cancer cells.
  5. Improved mood and cognitive function through increase of serotonin production
  6. Stimulation of detoxification pathways.
  7. Activation of other intravenous infusions to improve their cellular uptake and integration.


What to know before you go

Interstitial low level laser therapy by OWM allows a targeted delivery of different laser colors into injured tissue that includes nerves, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Dr Kaplan’s interventional medicine expertise allows him to place these lasers under ultrasound in otherwise hard to access areas such as spine joints, ligaments, and discs.



Intravenous Low Level Laser Therapy by OWM is introduced easily and painlessly through a standard vein catheter It can be used as a solo therapy or in combination with intravenous infusions. Specific treatments offered at OWM include: Rainbow protocol for general immune boosting and anti aging Riboflavin and Blue/ UV light combination for treatment of acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections Yellow and UV light with Curcumin for inflammation and chronic infection Yellow light therapy for mood boosting Red light therapy for energy and repair. This is frequenly combined with a simultaneous infusion of OWM Repair and Recover solution Blue and UV light therapy with OWM High Dose Citamin C Antiviral solution Blue, Red, Yellow lights with OWM Brain Fit solution for improved cognition Red and UV Laser Therapy with Methylene Blue for chronic infections such as Lyme and Epstein Bar.



Low Level Laser therapy also known as cold laser therapy has a proven safety track record spanning decades.

The energy levels introduced to the vein are not high enough to damage cells, but are strong enough to stimulate beneficial healing responses.