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Based on NYS phases we should be opening soon! We cannot wait to get back to your treatments!

Based on NYS phases we should be opening soon! We cannot wait to get back to your treatments!

We are anticipating the time when we will be able to reopen, and we cannot wait to get back to your treatments! The exact dates are not known at this time, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we have the dates. 

We are picking up where we left off:

  • If you had an appointment with us that was canceled, you are on our list to call as soon as we can reopen.
  • We are calling back in the order that we had to cancel. 
  • If you want to get your name added to our list for an appointment, please call the spa or email Jen or Melissa.

The New Responsible Way to Keep You Beautiful!

  • As we all start to return to some state of normalcy, we continue to be vigilant and follow the latest recommendation to prevent a resurgence of COVID 19 in our region.


  • We ask that if you, or anyone around you has had any illness, or signs of illness in the last 14 days to please cancel your appointment. 
  • Appointments will be booked with more time in between them to allow for disinfecting and to limit waiting. This means limited amounts of appointments per day.

When you arrive: 

  • Your temperature will be taken when entering the building, along with screening questions. 
  • Masks are encouraged to be worn by all while in our Spa and Wellness Center.
  • Upon entering the room, we ask that you wash your hands with the hand sanitizer provided outside the room; this shall also be done when exiting the room.
  • You will be unable to bring anyone with you to your appointment as we are allowing 1 client in the treatment room at a time, and can not have any one in waiting area unless they have an appointment.

In-Room precautions and procedures 

We have special N-95 respirators that effectively capture and filter out all viral particles coming in and out. We also utilize clear face shields for eye protection. These will be worn for procedures that require close face to face proximity. 

  •  Client Masks can be removed for facial treatments as both aestheticians will be wearing N-95 respirators that will prevent any exposure of both the client and provider.
  • During body treatments, both the aesthetician and the client will keep their cloth masks on.
  • Gloves will be worn by aestheticians during all procedures. 
  • The treatment bed will have fresh sheets per client. No blankets will be provided. 
  • All Surfaces, including medical equipment are treated with hydrogen peroxide. Ambient ozone machines are run at the end of each day to sterilize all surfaces in the clinic. 

All future appointments should be booked prior to leaving to secure your time. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies or anything else, please reach out to the Aestheticians.



We are hopeful that everyone is staying healthy and well. With nicer weather approaching, we want to remind everyone to continue to wear and reapply your sunscreen, stay socially distant, and wash your hands! We look forward to seeing you all very soon! 

Jennifer Moreno, LE & The OWM Spa Team.