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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain services offered in Buffalo, NY

Chronic Pain services offered in Buffalo, NY

Chronic pain is often a challenge simply because it’s misunderstood; when you don’t know what’s causing your pain, you can’t find a solution. That’s why OWM Integrative Wellness in Buffalo, New York, focuses on pinpointing the root cause of your symptoms. OWM's concierge model allows the team of functional, naturopathic, and integrative medicine professionals to complete a comprehensive evaluation to discover why you’re suffering and then design a customized treatment plan using leading-edge solutions. Request your appointment online or call the office for help today. 
Chronic Pain
What causes chronic pain?
Chronic pain has numerous causes, and more than one factor can contribute. Some of the most common chronic pain generators are:
∙ Arthritis ∙ Tendon injuries
∙ Ligament injuries ∙ Cartilage injuries
∙ Disc degeneration and injuries ∙ Joint injuries
∙ Nerve damage and nerve pain syndromes Lyme disease, another source of chronic pain, often starts with a rash, fatigue, headaches, and fever. Without antibiotic treatment, Lyme disease progresses to Lyme arthritis — a cause of serious joint pain — in about 6 in 10 clients.
Many people with late-stage Lyme disease also experience nerve, bone, tendon, and muscle pain.
Chronic pain
How is chronic pain evaluated?
The OWM Integrative Wellness team understands that you want a solution for chronic pain instead of a quick fix.

Many people searching for a chronic pain solution feel trapped in a frustrating cycle of taking medications that only work for a few hours at a time — and, often, the medications lose effectiveness over time.

To break that frustrating cycle, the OWM Integrative Wellness team looks for the true root cause of your chronic pain. They perform extensive testing, a detailed medical history review, and a complete evaluation of your lifestyle and habits.

Many people with chronic pain also experience problems like fatigue, confusion, and sleep issues — which are usually interconnected. One or more surprising factors are often involved in your chronic pain; examples include heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, hormone imbalance, and gut dysfunction.

Your comprehensive evaluation at OWM Integrative Wellness can connect all of your symptoms and determine exactly why they happen.
Chronic Pain
How is chronic pain treated?
Chronic pain treatment varies widely with each client because individuals have many factors to consider. The OWM Integrative Wellness team develops a personalized plan that relieves your pain with treatments such as:

∙ Chronic Pain
∙ Yoga ∙ Physical manipulation
∙ Clinical nutrition support ∙ Botanical medicine
∙ Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy ∙ Tissue support therapy
∙ ProlotherapyIntravenous (IV) infusions
∙ Supercharged oxygen therapy ∙ Nerve hydro dissection
∙ Tenex™ procedure ∙ Radiofrequency hyperthermia treatments
∙ Intravenous (IV) ketamine therapy ∙ Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

In many cases, you may use multiple modalities to specifically target the problem that’s causing your pain and other symptoms.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, fatigue, and feelings of hopelessness, OWM Integrative Wellness is ready to turn it all around and get you back to your life. Call the office or request an appointment online to set up your personalized evaluation now.

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